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Tag Heuer's new watches!

New watches you say? Yes! 2 new watches in fact. As of 2023 Tag Heuer have released 2 more stunning watches as a part of their Aquaracer collection. The new watches include a rose gold and a yellow gold Aquaracer professional 200. Both watches measure up at 40mm in diameter. With a water resistance up to 200 meters and an extremely easy to read dial, these new additions are top quality diving watches made for professionals. Both of the watches come equipped with the calibre 5 automatic movement. Now that we’ve got the basics out of the way, let’s look at both watches in more detail.

The rose gold version features an 18k 5N rose gold bezel inlay along with a rose gold crown, hands and hour markers to match. The smokey black textured dial complements the rose gold beautifully and also possesses a date window.

The case and case-back are made from steel but the strap is made from black rubber with a steel buckle, ensuring the watch is extra secure. This watch retails at £4,400 making it quite a bit pricier than the standard Aquaracer professional 200’s.

The second of the 2 new releases uses 18k 3N yellow gold for the bezel inlay, the crown, the hands, and hour markers. Unlike the black dial on the previous watch, this one has an incredible blue ombre textured dial with a date window which looks unbelievably good paired with the yellow gold.

Again the case and case-back are made from steel as well as the buckle on the dark blue rubber strap. This watch also retails at £4,400.


I personally love the yellow gold version but both are obviously incredible. Which one do you prefer? Hope you've enjoyed this weeks blog, be sure to subscribe to the newsletter so you get notified when a new blog gets released AND when we have new watches in stock ;) Have a great day!


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