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Breitling have been paving the way in Swiss luxury watch making since 1884. Founder Léon Breitling lay the foundations for the company by focusing specifically on chronographs and was granted a patent in 1889 for a simplified, straightforward model that distinguished itself from competitors.
After that defining moment the company's reputation excelled with a new focus on making precise, innovative timepieces - from patenting a movement with an astonishing 8 day power reserve, to producing one of the world’s first wrist chronographs with a separate push-piece above the watch crown. The useful, innovative features that Breitling provided meant that Breitling watches became the ideal choice for aviators and have remained that way ever since. With watches to define any moment, from the Superocean to the Chronomat, Breitling has a watch for you.

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A history of Brietling watches

Innovation and style are the true driving forces behind Breitling. After being founded in Switzerland 1884 by Léon Breitling, the brand soon became one of the leading luxury Swiss watch brands changing the watch industry forever. Ten years later Breitling had created some of the best chronographs on the market used by professional athletes, and patented a movement with an incredible 8 hour power reserve! This was very impressive for the time. By the time Breitling had sold 100,000 pieces they had achieved a world first, which was a chronograph with two fifths of a seconds accuracy. It wasn’t until 1915 when Gaston Breitling, who succeeded his father, created one of the first wrist-worn chronographs.


In 1935, Willy Breitling, the third generation Breitling owner, took this early model and transformed it into the chronograph we know today with two pushers either side of the crown. The 40s saw Breitling become famous in the world of military aviation, after their chronographs became an essential piece of kit in the cockpits of military aircrafts, especially in the British Royal Air Force. Breitling wanted to expand from a brand which made high-quality watches for professionals to a brand which made STYLISH high-quality watches for professionals. From 1944 Breitling began creating the iconic models which we still love to this day. From here Breitling only got more and more popular.

What kind of watches does Breitling produce?

Breitling was successful in creating some super stylish yet high performance models. Breitling have 9 models of watches which collectively cover the air, sea, land and even space. This includes: Top Time, Premier, Superocean, Navitimer, Chronomat, Professional, Superocean Heritage, Avenger, and Classic AVI. 2 of the most iconic of these are the Navitimer and the Superocean. The Navitimer was released in 1952 as a necessary tool for pilots. The name is a combination of “navigation” and “timer”, as the watch has the ability to calculate speed, distance travelled, fuel consumption and rate of climb. A pilot's best friend! The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association announced the Navitimer as their official timepiece in 1954, showing how much of an impact this watch had on the world of aviation. It was so iconic that in 1962 astronaut Scott Carpenter requested a custom Navitimer suitable for space, which is exactly what he got. The watch was then worn when Scott orbited around the Earth 3 times! The Superocean was released in 1957 when aquatic sports was beginning to take off. It was originally water resistant to a max depth of 200 meters, which was very impressive at the time, but is now water resistant up to a depth of 300 meters. The Superocean is a much loved piece of kit for people who enjoy all types of water sports.

Why buy a Breitling watch?

Breitling watches are an excellent example of luxury watchmaking. With a rich history Breitling have been changing the world of watches for almost 140 years. These watches are some of the most precise as Breitling is the only watch company in the world where every watch is a COSC-certified chronometer. Breitling watches also go through rigorous testing to make sure they are of the highest quality. Not only is the functionality and durability of these watches outstanding but they also feature unique designs which are bold and stylish.

How to care for your Breitling watch

Breitling watches require a level of daily care to maintain their gorgeous appearance as well as their functionality. Breitling advises that only a metal bracelet or rubber strap is worn when participating in aquatic activities or in humid climates as leather straps can become worn and damaged if exposed to water. When your watch has been exposed to chlorinated or salt water it should be gently rinsed with tap water and dried off with a towel. The watches should be cleaned once a month (especially if worn daily) to avoid skin irritation and oxidation of the steel. To clean, use liquid soap and a toothbrush to get into the crevices and then gently rinse with water and towel dry. Leather straps should be cleaned in the same way but do not rinse with any water. Breitling watches shouldn’t come into contact with chemicals such as petrol, thinners, nail polish, perfume, cosmetics, cleaning products, glue or paint as it can cause discolouration and damage to the watch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Breitling good watches?

Absolutely! Breitling produces fantastic quality watches that are made using quality materials. All new Breitling’s are COSC-certified, meaning that they have passed strict tests set out by COSC to ensure that their watches have a maximum average deviation of -4 to +6 (mechanical) and -/+ .07 seconds (quartz) per day. We sell many Breitling watches each year and it is very rare that we ever receive any back for repair or warranty work.

Is Breitling a luxury brand?

Yes, Breitling is considered a luxury watch brand. This isn’t just based off the price of the watches but is also taking into consideration the high-quality materials and performance of these watches.

Is Breitling worth the money?

Of course Breitling watches aren’t cheap but out of the sea of luxury watches, Breitling are definitely known for being long-lasting and durable as well as holding their value very well.


How can you spot a fake Breitling?

Breitling have an electronic warranty system which can only be accessed by an authorised Breitling dealer. To get your Breitling watch verified, take it to an authorised Breitling dealer who will then arrange for the watch to be inspected by a Breitling technician.


How long do Breitling watches last?

Breitling watches should last many lifetimes if they are regularly serviced and cared for correctly (as mentioned above). Breitling do also supply spare parts and movements which may be needed for quartz models as they are known to have a shorter lifespan.


Are Breitling watches Swiss?

Yes, Breitling was founded in Switzerland and still has their factory located there. “Swiss Made” is on every Breitling dial.


How often should I wind my Breitling watch?

Automatic watches don’t need to be wound if they are worn daily however if the watch has been unworn for around 2 days it will need to be wound manually to get it started again. Manually watches should be wound about 40 times every 40 hours, and in-house movements should be wound 60 times every 3 days.


What does Breitling mean?

Breitling is the surname of the founder of the brand, Léon Breitling.


Does Breitling have in-house movements?

Yes, Breitling do produce in-house movements however they also use externally sourced movements too. Breitling first released their in-house movement in 2009.

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