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Since 1848 OMEGA's timepieces have helped to record some of the world's most iconic moments - from the Olympic Games all the way to the moon landing. In 1900 OMEGA was awarded with the Grand Prize at the 1900 Universal Exposition, the greatest honour given to any brand at the time in honour of the OMEGA collection and technological advancements that the company had made.
Since then OMEGA have continued to produce exceptionally high-quality timepieces that are desired globally. From the Seamaster all the way through to the De Ville, there is an OMEGA watch to suit any wrist on any occasion.

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    A history of Omega watches

    Let’s travel all the way back to Switzerland 1848 where young man named Louis Brandt opened a small workshop so he could live out his dream of making precise and accurate watches. Fast forward to 1894, the company had been handed down to Louis’ two sons, Louis and César. This year saw the creation of the revolutionary 19-ligne calibre. The movement was extremely accurate, could be easily replaced by any watch maker, and allowed for winding and time-setting via the crown (which is still used today).


    They named this creation the “OMEGA” to signify accomplishment, and the sudden success which it brought them led them to change the name of the company to “OMEGA Watch Co”. In 1900 OMEGA was awarded the Grand Prize at the 1900 Universal Exposition in Paris for their advancements in technology. 30 years on OMEGA broke some serious records when their OMEGA chronometer set records at the Geneva Observatory for keep the most accurate time in various conditions better than any watch before. The 30s and 40s were very busy years for OMEGA as they became the official timekeepers for the Olympic games (which they have been for 90 years now), released the world’s first commercially available diving watch “The OMEGA Marine”, and set the world precision record of 97.8 out of 100 which is still held today!


    One of the most loved watches was born in 1948, The Seamaster, which went on to be featured in 9 of the James Bond movies, worn by the likes of Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig. If that’s not enough OMEGA was also awarded the Silver Snoopy award in 1970 after playing big roles in various space missions and moon landings.

    Types of omega watch


    There are 4 collections of watches: the constellation, the Seamaster, the speedmaster, and the de ville. These collections have a range of models which are all linked by their main function. the watches in the Seamaster collection are of course all linked by the sea. The first Seamaster was created to celebrate OMEGA’s 100th birthday. The first model was essentially a civilian version of a military watch which took inspiration from submarines.


    Now, the Seamaster watches are equipped with sophisticated technology which allow them to be water-resistant to great depths making them the perfect watch for any sort of water sports. And you can’t forget to mention that it is THE James Bond watch. The speedmaster collection is known for its extreme accuracy and precision. After being released in 1957, the speedmaster has been used to time countless Olympic events and was the first watch on the moon! With clean lines and a modern look, the speedmaster is very popular.


    The De Ville collection is best known for its class and elegance that the watches hold. Unlike the other collections which are performance watches, the De Ville watches are made purely for style showcasing unique patterns and colours. The constellation collection is very unique in its style and is characterized by the star which is found at the 6 o’clock position. With bold colours and designs these watches are stand out pieces used to elevate any look.


    Why buy an omega

    Omega are the front runners when it comes to precision. Omega watches are so precise that they have their very own precision certification called “The Master Chronometer Certification” certified by METAS and themselves, which surpasses the COSC certification. They are the only brand to have this certification showing just how precise and high-performance their watches are. Not only is the performance of these watches on another level, but the designs are just as iconic. Suitable for every occasion these watches ooze style and sophistication as demonstrated by Mr. Bond himself.


    How to care

    Omega advises that leather straps are kept away from water, prolonged UV exposure, and chemicals as they can become worn and damaged if exposed to these things. When your watch has been exposed to chlorinated or salt water it should be gently rinsed with tap water and dried off with a towel.


    The watches should be cleaned once a month (especially if worn daily) to avoid skin irritation and oxidation of the steel. To clean, use liquid soap and a toothbrush to get into the crevices and then gently rinse with water and towel dry. Leather straps should be cleaned in the same way but do not rinse with any water. Omega watches shouldn’t come into contact with chemicals such as solvents, detergents, perfumes, cosmetic products etc. as it can cause discolouration and damage to the watch. Omega also recommend that your watch gets a complete service every 5-8 years.

    Frequently Asked Querstions


    Are Omega Watches Good?


    Yes, Omega are one of the leading watch manufacturers. They offer amazing designs, high quality materials, and excellent performance for a range of watches whether that be for deep diving or flying high in the sky.


    Are Omega Watches Reliable?


    Yes, Omega watches are known to be very reliable and long lasting. Omega watches are the only watches in the world to have the Master Chronometer certification which measures precision, anti-magnetism, water-resistance, and durability. This is the highest level of testing for a watch and consists of 8 tests over a course of 10 days.


    Are Omega Watches Accurate?


    Omega watches are some of the most accurate in the world. As mentioned, their watches undergo thorough testing and must pass a precision criteria of 0/+5 seconds, 0/+6 seconds, or 0/+7 seconds per day, depending on the calibre size.


    What Are Omega Watches made rom?

    Omega watches are mainly made from 316L stainless steel which has high corrosion-resistance and a shiny appearance. Other metals are sometimes used such as 18K yellow gold and Omega’s exclusive 18K SednaTM Gold. Aluminium is often used for the smaller details on the watch such as the hands, and titanium is sometimes used instead of stainless steel on watches which need reduced light reflection.


    Where Are Omega Watches Made?


    The watches are made in the Omega headquarters in Biel/Bienne Switzerland, where they have been since 1880.


    Are Omega Watches Prestigious/Luxury?

    Whilst Omega watches are slightly cheaper than that of Rolex or Patek Philippe they are definitely still a luxury. Putting the price aside, Omega watches are in a league of their own for precision and have paved the way many times for the watch industry. Many watch collectors and enthusiasts love Omega watches.


    Are Omega Watches Worth The Price?


    Yes, many would say that they are worth the price. As mentioned, Omega use high-quality materials and have a very long history filled with over a century of perfecting their watches to be of the highest performance. Known to last a lifetime if well cared for, these watches won’t need replacing for a very long time but just in case anything was to go wrong they come with a generous 5 year warranty.


    Which Omega Watch Is the James Bond Watch?


    James Bond has had a variety of Omega watches across the different generations of the character. You can find out all about James Bond's Omega by reading our blog.

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