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Ever since Cartier first began crafting fine watches in 1847, the brand has grown ever stronger and in itself become a byword for luxury. Cartier left a huge mark on the watch industry at the turn of 20th century with it being the brand that made the wristwatch popular with the introduction of the original Santos wristwatch. The ability to create timelessly classic designs means that Cartier are consistently one of the world's premier watch manufacturers.

Since then, the Parisian house has been at the forefront of desirability and continued to produce stunningly luxurious timepieces. From the Ronde, all the way through to the Tank, there is a Cartier watch to suit any wrist on any occasion. So don't wait, view our range of pre-owned Cartier watches today and chose your very next timepiece. 

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A history of Cartier watches

Maison Cartier was founded in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier in Paris. It wasn’t until 10 years later that Cartier really took off as a prestigious brand when Princess Mathilde, the cousin of Emperor Napoleon II, bought a Cartier creation launching it as a product of high society. In 1899 Louis Cartier, the grandson of the founder, created Cartier boutique in Paris. What would soon be known as art deco style jewelry was started as jewelry made using abstract shapes and colours from Cartier in 1900. Two years later Pierre Cartier, Louis’ brother, broadened Cartier’s horizons and opened a boutique in London, which happened to coincide with the coronation of King Edward VII. 1904 was a big year for Cartier as not only did they receive a royal certificate from King Edward VII becoming the official purveyor of royal courts but Louis also created the first ever wrist watch, the Santos De Cartier. Fast forward to 2001, and Cartier finally opened a watch making manufacturer in Switzerland showing how successful their watches were, as well as their fine jewelry. From there Cartier continued to be known as one of (if not the) most prestigious jewelry makers in the world creating unique and bold pieces.

Types of Cartier watches

Cartier has quite a few collections currently, however the most notable would be the Tank collection and the Santos De Cartier collection. The Santos De Cartier was the first wristwatch to ever be made in 1904 when Louis Cartier created it for his aviator friend, Alberto Santos-Dumont. It featured simple minimalistic look with exposed screws which would become Cartier’s signature look. Today, the collection still revolves around clean proportionate designs. The Tank got its name from its design inspiration: the Renault FT-17, a French tank used during the first World War. Made in 1917 to oppose the more traditional circular watches, the Tank’s case was flat and rectangular making it look like an extension of the strap. The Tank watch is still one of Cartier’s most iconic watches, probably due to its timeless and sleek look.

Why buy a Cartier watch

Cartier are renowned for their prestigious reputation and detailed designs. Because of their esteemed status you can guarantee that only the highest of quality materials are used as well as extremely skilled craftsmanship ensuring their watches are of excellent precision and durability. Needless to say their pieces are very aesthetically pleasing with unique yet sophisticated designs allowing them to be the perfect addition for any occasion.

How to care for your Cartier watch

Cartier advise that on a daily basis a level of care should be taken to ensure your watch lasts as long as possible, this includes: 

  • Keep your watch away from prolonged exposure to magnetism.

  • Avoid wearing a bracelet on the same wrist.

  • Do not w ear your watch while sleeping.

  • Avoid wearing your watch when playing sports such as golf or tennis.

  • Avoid extreme changes in temperature and humidity, such as saunas.

In regards to cleaning it’s recommended to clean the watch with a soft dry cloth regularly. If the watch has been exposed to chlorinated or salty water it should be rinsed with fresh water. Leather straps can be come damaged when in water so they should only be wiped with a dry cloth. Cartier recommend that a service is completed every 6 years on their watches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Cartier Watches Reliable?

Cartier watches are known to last decades if cared for correctly and are made to be passed down to future generations. They undergo 100+ tests to check their ability to last a long time.


Are Cartier Watches COSC Certified?

No, Cartier watches are not COSC Certified but this doesn’t mean they aren’t accurate.


Are Cartier Watches Accurate?

Although, as mentioned, Cartier watches aren’t COSC Certified they are still very accurate if cared for properly and keep good time as they are made using precise Swiss-movements and high quality materials.


Where Are Cartier Watches Made?

They are manufactured in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.


Are Cartier Watches Prestigious/Luxury?

They are extremely prestigious. They use only the highest quality materials and have been recognised and worn by royalty for many years.


Are Cartier Watches Worth The Price?

Well that depends if you value their rich watchmaking heritage, finest quality materials, intricate designs, top Swiss movements, prestigious reputation, and their ability to increase in value. If you do then yes, they are worth the money.


Are Cartier watches a good investment?

Yes, Cartier watches are known for not only keeping their value very well, but also increasing in value on the pre-owned market.

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