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Inside Queen Elizabeth II's very royal watch collection

After the very sad news that our beloved Queen Elizabeth II passed, we thought we would pay a well-deserved tribute to Her Majesty by taking a look at her elegant and very regal watch collection. Throughout her impressive 70 year reign, the Queen has displayed a range of very high-quality watches which are all fairly discreet and not too flashy. Let’s jump right in and take a glimpse at some of her favourite watches.

Vacheron et Constantin model 4481

First up is this gorgeous piece which was gifted to Elizabeth as a wedding gift from the Swiss Federal Council in 1947. The watch was a stunning gold and diamond encrusted cocktail watch with a very thin strap making it look like more of a bracelet than a watch. When her son, Charles, married Diana in 1981, the Queen gifted the watch to her as a gift. This watch is a truly beautiful and dainty piece.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 101

This iconic watch was worn by Queen Elizabeth for her coronation in 1953. The watch is made from yellow gold and features two rows of diamonds. The watch is powered by the calibre 101 which is still said to be the one of the world’s smallest calibers. The watch is a picture of elegance and allowed the Queen to discretely check the time during her coronation without having to wear a bulky watch. The Queen loved this watch so much that Jaeger-LeCoultre gifted her a white gold version of the watch for her diamond jubilee in 2012.

Patek Philippe ref 4975/1G

I don’t think this watch can be described any other way apart from just WOW. This watch featured a white dial with baguette-cut diamonds as the indices, a diamond encrusted bezel, and a pearl bracelet. I mean if that doesn’t sound like luxury I don’t know what does. Elizabeth allowed Patek Philippe to showcase the watch at the Patek Philippe Watch Art Grand Exhibition at London’s Saatchi Gallery in 2015.

Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse

This watch was said to be one of Her Majesty’s favorites. A captivating blue dial surrounded by a beautiful diamond bezel which is held by a silver mesh bracelet. Some say this this watch was made especially for her.

Omega Ladymatic

This watch was known for being the first automatic ladies’ watch, so of course it was only right that Queen Elizabeth got her hands on one. This watch was a gorgeous yellow gold, art-deco style watch which had an intricate braided bracelet.

Audemars Piguet Jules Audemars

As well as being a style-icon our Queen was also a very busy woman who needed practicality. This is why this watch was much loved by Elizabeth. Her yellow gold watch had a mesh style bracelet making it practical and comfy whilst still looking very stylish.


Above, the Queen can be seen wearing this vintage 1930s Cartier watch with a black leather strap and a gold dial. This watch looks so sophisticated and really ties her 'country' look together.

Another example of her Cartier watch collection would be this image of her wearing a yellow gold Cartier Tank Cintrée. Both of these pieces look amazing with her more casual countryside outfits.


Of course Queen Elizabeth would've had a lot more watches in her collection but unfortunately we haven't had the pleasure of seeing them yet. Maybe one day. I think the watches we have looked at really represent Her Majesty as they are all very beautiful and regal yet understated and not too flashy. A collection fit for a Queen. Hope you've enjoyed this weeks blog, have a good day :)


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