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Halloween horology: Watches worn in iconic horror movies

That time is nearly here again when you get can get all warm and comfy on the sofa & watch some classic horror films or maybe you’re getting your costume ready for a spooky party. Yes I’m talking about Halloween, one of my favorite times of the year. I just love watching a good horror film but I definitely regret it when it’s time to go to bed. Speaking of horror films that brings us onto the topic of this weeks blog. It’s safe to say that there are some pretty iconic horror films out there and surprisingly some pretty iconic watches are featured in these films so this week we’re gonna be taking a look at some of the watches which have been worn in our most loved horror films.

IT Chapter 2 – Rolex Datejust

First on our list is the gorgeous steel and white gold Rolex Datejust seen being worn by James McAvoy in IT Chapter 2. If you’re not familiar with this horrifying film it’s a modern day remake of the original 90s IT movie which features an evil clown possessed by a demon that for some reason terrorises and murders children. This 2017 version follows the same plot however it is a bit more twisted than the original. This movie, which is the second part to the 2017 remake, was released in 2019.

Throughout the film Bill Denbrough, played by James McAvoy, can be seen wearing a silver Rolex Datejust. God knows why you would wear your nice expensive Rolex when you’re about to fight an evil killer-clown. Okay, okay I can accept it’s just a film but it’s all about the details don’t you think? Anyway it’s been said that Stephen King, the writer of the original IT book, is quite fond of Rolex so maybe this watch was worn by his instruction or maybe to tribute the iconic writer. The watch featured a steel case, a white gold bezel, and a jubilee bracelet. The retail price of this watch would be around £9000.

Ghostbusters – Seiko M516 Voice Note

What an absolute Halloween classic film this is. Ghostbusters is an 80s sci-fi/comedy about a group of scientists who lose their jobs and form the “ghostbusters” who get rid of ghost for money but happen to unleash supernatural havoc in New York. In the film all of the “ghostbusters” wear a Seiko M516 Voice Note specifically for is audio recording feature, which is always a necessary piece of equipment for any ghost hunter.

The watch case and bracelet is made from a combination of stainless steel and carbon fiber plastic. The face of the watch is square shaped and quite bulky but it had to have room to house the voice recorder I suppose. These watches are very very hard to come by and I had a lot of trouble trying to find any at all. The only ones I could find were not in working condition or it was only parts of the watch being sold. Because of this it’s hard to say how much one in working condition would cost you but from what I could find it would probably be between £500 - £1000.

American Psycho – Rolex Datejust

Groomed, stylish and definitely psychotic are all words to describe the leading character, Patrick Bateman played by Christian Bale. The 2000s horror classic is featuring another Rolex Datejust but this one is very special in my opinion. The film follows a very wealthy and put-together banker who is secretly a psychopathic killer.

The watch is a two-tone steel and yellow gold watch with a yellow gold fluted bezel, a yellow gold tapestry dial, and a jubilee bracelet. This watch would cost around £11000 at retail price. The watch perfectly captivates the character of Bateman, as he is very brand conscious and flashy. The line “Don’t touch the watch” in the movie was originally meant to be “Don’t touch the Rolex” however it had to be changed. In the original American Psycho book, it’s said that 26 designer brands were mentioned, showing that Bateman definitely liked to splash his cash on designer fashion which is why the Rolex Datejust was the perfect watch for him.

Scream – Casio AMW320D

This movie is basically the rulebook of what makes a legendary horror film. Scary mask? Check. Serial murders? Check. Hysterical teenagers? Check. All of the cliches in one film but you can’t deny it’s a great watch (pardon the pun). If you haven’t seen the movie it’s a 90s film about a mysterious killer named “Ghostface” who murders high school teens. Why is it always teenagers?

One of the teens in the film, Stuart Macher (played by Matthew Lillard), is seen wearing a Casio AMW320D. The watch seems to have a black rubber strap with stainless steel case, a gold coloured dial, a black and gold bezel and of course the digital time window. Personally I think this watch actually looks pretty cool and they are pretty easy to get a hold of online. To make matters even better they aren’t even that expensive with second hand ones only costing around £200 - £300.

Orphan – IWC Portugieser Chronograph

This film is a creepy one. It’s about a couple who decide to adopt a young orphan but it turns out that she’s not the little girl they thought she was. I won’t spoil the film if you haven’t already seen it. It’s got a good twist at the end of the film so if you’re a fan of a thriller, give it a watch.

In the film, the father of the family which the film revolves around, who is played by Peter Sarsgaard, can be seen wearing a IWC Portugieser Chronograph. The watch seems to have a leather strap, a white dial, and a steel case. It’s hard to put a price on this watch as there is such a large price range as I’m not able to find out the exact model worn in the film.

Buried – Hamilton Khaki Field Officer Auto H70615733

If you’re a claustrophobe I’d steer clear of this film. When Paul Conroy, played by Ryan Reynolds, wakes up buried alive he must strategically try and escape before his oxygen runs out. This very tense and frustrating thriller is great if you like films which leave you on edge.

In this film Paul’s watch, which is a Hamilton Officer Auto H70615733, plays a big part as he must use his watch to accurately keep track of time so he knows how long he’s got left before he suffocates, it's even featured in the trailer for the movie. The watch has a black leather strap, a black dial and stainless steel casing. It also has a tachymeter scale and very large hour markers. This watch is actually discontinued now but it previously retailed at £595.


So that brings us to the end of this weeks blog about the spookiest watches. Maybe I've given you some Halloween film inspiration ready for your horror movie night, and if you watch any of these films you can keep a look out for the watches we mentioned to see if you can spot them. I hope you have a great day and a great Halloween! P.S. I don't want the blame for your lack of sleep if you watch any of these films haha.


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