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You’ll never forget your first - TAG Heuer Aquaracer WAY2110 review

For better or for worse, you’ll never forget your first – and in this case I can safely say that it is for the better. The first watch that was ever sold here at The Watch Village was a stunning TAG Heuer Aquaracer 300m Calibre 5 (WAY2110).

Our first watch experience

Whilst being in our good possession, this lovely watch proved to be extremely popular amongst fellow watch enthusiasts and we could certainly see why. The smooth running of the watch made it a pleasure to wear and its sleek look certainly bagged a lot of compliments. Unfortunately, the watch was not with us for very long as it was soon snapped up by one lucky buyer. Personally, I was very jealous of this as I was becoming more attached to the watch each day that we had it.

So I purchased one for myself, and now I feel the need to have to share with the rest of the world how great this piece really is.

Unlike watches that I have previously owned this one is extremely easy to set up in regard to the time/date. Thanks to its Calibre 5 movement, the watch runs sweeter than Usain Bolt and is always 100% accurate in what it is telling me; owed to the precision of the triangle tipped hands and angled date window.

At first, I was quite timid to expose my watch to my rough and tumble lifestyle but that soon faded once I reminded myself that this is a Tag Heuer! It's built to withstand the pressure as it is equipped with many impressive features including water resistance up to 300m and a scratch resistant sapphire crystal. My watch lives my daily routine with me, from my morning shower right through to checking the time before I go to sleep. Of course, I would not do such things with any ordinary watch, but this is certainly no ordinary watch.

I have worn this watch to many special occasions and can safely say that it has always become the talking point of my outfit amongst other guest, particularly as the luminescent hands and hour markers glow when the lights go down and the steel sparkles when the light hits it.

I hope that the lucky buyer of this watch has as much fun with it as what I am having with mine. And although I do not have the original one, at least I still have a great reminder of the first watch that we ever sold here at The Watch Village. I certainly will not be forgetting my first.

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Have a question or wish to find out more? Then simply get in touch with us today and a member of The Watch Village team will be on hand to help.

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