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Which luxury watch brand is the world's favourite?

Have you ever wondered, “what actually is the world’s most popular watch brand?”. Well we definitely did and luckily for us the answer has actually been revealed. Data from 2022, provided by Luxe Watches, based on the most searched for watch brands allowed us to see which brand was actually the most popular in each country. Let’s look at the results.

And the winner is (drumroll please)… Rolex! Are we shocked by that? Not particularly. When asked to name a luxury watch brand almost everyone would say Rolex.

Despite this, the findings do show that Omega, which is the second most popular brand worldwide, is more popular than Rolex in Eastern & Northern Europe as well as in South America, Canada, & Russia. Patek Philippe ranks as the third most popular worldwide.

Its only fair to say that Rolex absolutely storms the popularity contest by having double the amount of searches as the second most popular brand, Omega. So why Rolex? How have Rolex managed to dominate the luxury watch industry so well?

Why Rolex?

To answer that question, Rolex know how to make people desire and dream of owning one of their watches. They are synonymous with luxury and wealth. This has allowed them to build an extremely strong brand image based around the opulence of their watches.

However, unlike some luxury brands which don’t live up to their big price tag, Rolex definitely know how to give you some bang for your buck. Their watches are renowned for being some of the most durable, precise, and stylish on the market. Their watchmakers are masters of their craft, producing watches which are of utmost quality. This is what makes them extremely desirable not only to people who want to showcase their wealth but also to watch collectors.

Another way that Rolex have become so popular is by limiting their supply despite having high demand. They are very selective with whom they directly sell their watches to which helps them to keep their prestigious reputation. This limited supply goes hand in hand with the fact that Rolex watches are seen as a good investment too. Due to them being hard to come by, it means that pre-owned Rolex’s either sell for near enough the same as retail price or even more! Because of this people have been purchasing Rolex watches purely just as investment pieces.


In conclusion, it’s no surprise really that Rolex are the most popular watch brand in the world, but it is fascinating to see just how much they dominate the market. If you’ve enjoyed this week’s blog, be sure to subscribe to the newsletter so you don’t miss the next one. Have a good day :)


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