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The gift of time: Why does a watch make the perfect Christmas gift?

So it’s finally that time again… Christmas! Time for parties, celebrations, and eating too much food, but along with all the fun also comes he dreaded gift giving. Do you prefer the gift giving or gift receiving? Either way, everybody seems to hate figuring out what they’re going to buy everyone. Like can you really buy your dad socks and a wallet for a third year in a row? Or add more perfume to your mom’s already ridiculously large perfume collection? If you’ve been asking yourself questions like this, I may have the answer you’re looking for. How about a watch? Watches are a very overlooked gift despite them being loved by all. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why a watch is a great gift for the special people in your life.

1. Personality

There are an endless variety of watches available. Suitable for men or women, old or young, maximalist or minimalist. You name it there’s a watch for everyone. Whether you’re a gold, silver, or even a rainbow lover, I can guarantee there will be a watch out there for you.

A watch becomes such a staple in peoples everyday jewellery, so if you can find a watch which perfectly captivates a person’s personality, they will be sure to love it. As well this watches are easily customizable, so they can be tailored to the individual who is receiving the watch.

2. Practicality

Of course, watches are a very practical gift which would likely be used every day by the wearer, as well as being a gorgeous statement piece. A watch also allows people to stay present (excuse the pun) as it helps avoid constantly reaching for your mobile phone and keep track of the day easily. Watches are also very useful for activities such as diving or running, for example, so if your special person is into something like this, a watch with a tachymeter or a diving bezel would be incredibly useful to them.

3. Durability

Durability is a big factor when choosing a good gift, because you obviously want to make sure whatever you buy is going to stand the test of time. Well here’s some good news, watches tend to be very long-lasting and can be loved for many years and lifetimes as long as care is taken with them.

Of course a new battery may be needed after a while but some watches don’t require a battery at all and recharge from the motion of wrist movement. Giving a watch as a gift guarantees it will be loved for many years and may even be passed on to future generations.

4. Sentimental value

Watches are often thought to be very sentimental pieces due to their long life, as mention in the previous point. Because they are an item which is used daily, it means they will be a constant reminder of you to the person wearing it. Linking back to the first point of watches being very personal, you can also get watches engraved for a fair price and this would really make the gift super sentimental if you added a personal message or date. If you wanted to get all deep you could say you’re giving the gift of time.

5. Luxury

It’s no doubt that watches are special presents and are definitely luxury pieces which can come with a luxury price tag. Of course depending on the brand of the watch, prices can vary massively. There’s nothing wrong with an affordable watch however, depending on your budget, a pricey watch almost always increases in price as time goes on.

Maybe you want to gift your children an investment piece which you know will easily grow in value as they age, well a watch would be the perfect thing. Luxury Swiss watches are known for being incredible investments as their price is almost certain to increase.


I hope I've given you a good Christmas (or birthday) gift idea and helped you to get one step closer to completing your Christmas shopping, haha. Of course if you do choose to purchase a watch this Christmas time, we have a great selection here at The Watch Village and currently have some amazing deals on for the whole of December! Anyways, hope you've enjoyed and Merry Christmas :)


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