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Solar-power revolution: Tag Heuer Aquaracer Professional 200 Solargraph Overview

You watch fans may remember when TAG announced that they were going to be spicing up their Aquaracer collection. Well, you are in for a treat, because this October they are going to be welcoming a new addition to the Aquaracer family… the TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 200 Solargraph. A mouth full I know, but this watch in my opinion will help revolutionize the new age of eco watches. Today we are going to be shining a light on all of the Solargraph’s features so we all know what to expect when it drops in October.

So let’s start with the pièce de résistance, the dial and movement. So you may be wondering how this watch is able to be powered fully by only solar energy, and the answer to that is simple. The dial on this watch is partially transparent allowing the sun’s rays to penetrate through and consequentially charge the movement. By day the dial is black with a white minute track and large white hour markers, however when the dark falls the dial is decorated with green Super-LumiNova hour markers & hour hand, a glowing Tag Heuer logo, and blue Super-LumiNova minute & seconds hands but these do also remain blue during the day.

It’s really the new movement which is the powerhouse of this watch, allowing it to work at all. The new movement is the Calibre TH50-00 and Tag says that the watch only needs to be exposed to natural, or artificial light for 2 minutes to charge the watch for an entire day. When the watch has become fully charged, it will be able to keep itself working for up to 6 months. The watch also comes with a power saving option which is activated via the crown. When this is activated the charge of the watch can be extended up to 3.5 years. But let’s say you reach for your watch after its been hidden away in a draw for a few months and panic suddenly sets in because … it’s not working! Not to worry because as soon as you expose that baby to the sunlight, it will be ticking as though it was brand new.

Tag have really played into the theme of ‘light’ and solar energy in terms of the look of the watch as they have really gone to town with their trademark Super-LumiNova as it is not only featured in the dial. The uni-directional carbon bezel also features the green Super-LumiNova creating a marbled effect, as well blue Super-LumiNova hour markers. It is said that the effect of the bezel is supposed to represent the Northern Lights.

The 41mm stainless steel casing is coated with black PVD, with an engraving a compass on the caseback. The case is accompanied beautifully by a black rubber strap with a stainless steel buckle which is also coated with black PVD

This watch is very easy on the eye due to all of the elements of the watch being really well coordinated. There’s no doubt that this watch has been made for the adventurous type, with the comfy flexible strap, light weight casing, legible writing in the dark, and most importantly the rechargeable solar powered movement. And not to mention the 200 meter water resistance. If this watch seems like it would be the perfect accompaniment on your adventures, or if you would simply just love to add this piece to your collection, you will be able to get your hands on it for a retail price of £2,450.

I really love this watch and I think this is going to be a great direction for luxury watches to be going in, in terms of the solar powered movement. I hope you've enjoyed reading, have great day :)


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