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Lord Alan Sugar's impressive watch collection: The Apprentice 2022

So if you’re anything like me you would’ve LOVED watching the apprentice this year, it’s one of my faves. But sadly it came to an end a few weeks ago after dessert store owner, Harpreet Kaur, won Lord Sugar’s £250,000 investment (a deserving winner in my opinion). However, today we are here to talk about the main man himself, Lord Alan Sugar, and more specifically his impressive watch collection which he showcased on the show this year. Lets get started shall we.

Episode 1

In the first episode “cruise ship” Lord Sugar was seen wearing this classy Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116500LN. It retails at £11,600, but a pre-owned one would cost around the £40,000 mark. This watch features a crisp white dial, a black bezel and an oystersteel bracelet. This piece is also equipped with the calibre 4130 movement.

Episode 2

In episode 2 “toothbrush” Alan was wearing this Breitling Premier Heritage B25 Datora 42 AB2510201K1P1. It retails at £9,250, and a pre-owned one would cost you around £7,300. Featuring a gorgeous beige dial, which displays a complete calendar chronograph showing the day, date, month, and even moon phases. Housed by a stainless steel case, and has a brown alligator leather strap. The calibre within this watch is a Breitling B25.

Episode 3

In episode 3 “non-alcoholic drinks” Lord Sugar was rocking this stunning Rolex Submariner Date M126618LB. This dazzling piece retails at a hefty £30,350 and a pre-owned version would cost around £43,500. This black and gold combo is the pinnacle of sophistication. 18ct yellow gold has been used for the oyster bracelet and the casing, which stands out brilliantly against the black dial. The rotatable black ceramic bezel has splashes of 18ct yellow gold, allowing it to blend in with the rest of the watch beautifully. This watch features the calibre 3235 movement.

Episode 4

Episode 4 “fishing” showed a very yummy piece on Alan’s wrist. This is a Rolex Sky-Dweller M326934, and retails at £12,400 with the pre-owned price sitting around the £30,000 mark. This watch too has a gorgeous bright blue dial which has a dual time zone display. The oyster bracelet, the casing, and fluted bezel are made from Rolex’s own white Rolesor (a mix of white gold and steel). A 9001 movement is housed within this stunning watch.

Episode 5

In episode 5 “gaming” Alan flashed this Breitling Premier B01 Chronograph 42 Bentley British Racing Green AB0118A11L1X1. This watch retails at £6,825, and the pre-owned value is at around £5,300. It has a stainless steel case, and a British racing green dial with contrasting black chronograph’s. The green nubuck leather strap really ties the whole look of the watch together. Finally, this watch is home to a Breitling Caliber 01 movement.

Episode 6

In episode 6 “Wales” we suspect this beautiful Rolex Cosmograph Daytona M116518LN is being worn by Alan, we are not 100% sure about this one but it looks very much like it. This retails at £26,900, and is a very rare watch. It has a black tachymetric bezel, which complements the white meteorite and black dial beautifully. The casing is made from 18ct yellow gold, and is paired with an oysterflex bracelet. This watch really is stunning. This watch is equipped with a calibre 4130 movement.

Episode 7

Alan is wearing another Rolex Submariner Date in episode 7 (the same model seen in episode 3 , but in a different colorway). It too retails at £30,350, and would cost around £40,000 pre-owned. The royal blue dial really pops against the 18ct gold casing and oyster bracelet, giving a luxurious look. The 18ct gold is seen again on the blue ceramic bezel. This watch houses Rolex’s calibre 3235 movement.

Episode 9

In episode 9 “TV selling” Lord Sugar was shown wearing this, now discontinued, Rolex “Hulk” Submariner 211539. This retailed at £7,550, however a pre-owned one will cost from £25,000-£30,000. The stand out features are of course the bright green ceramic bezel and matching green dial, which is why it is nicknamed “Hulk”. It is accompanied by a steel oyster bracelet and steel casing.


And that is all of the gorgeous watches Lord Alan Sugar has showcased on this years Apprentice, and in conclusion I can say I am very impressed with his collection. He clearly loves his Rolex's and I would love to see what his full watch collection looks like. What do you think about his piece's? My favourite would probably be the black and gold Rolex Submariner Date. While you're here why don't you check out our own Rolex collection here.


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