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Keanu Reeves' watch collection

If you’re anything like my family you will be eagerly waiting for the release of the new “John Wick: Chapter 4” movie. If you’re not familiar with the John Wick films, they are action packed and star the one and only Keanu Reeves. It’s only fair to say that Keanu Reeves is an incredible actor, starring in some of the biggest movies ever, and he also has a stellar reputation for being one of the nicest men in Hollywood. It’s said that he donated 70% of his whopping $45 million paycheck from “The Matrix” to cancer research. What an angel. Anyway, in anticipation of the new John Wick movie we thought we would take a look at all of the incredible watches which Keanu has worn in his iconic movies.

Casio G-Shock (Ref. DW-5600C-1V)

Let’s go back to the year 1994 when Keanu played the leading role in the gritty action movie “Speed”. The premise of the movie was that a bomb had been planted on a bus by an extortionist bomber, which would explode if the bus went below 50mph. Of course Keanu was available to try and save the day.

In the movie he is seen wearing the Casio G-Shock which in my opinion is an incredibly fitting watch for his role. The Casio has a chunky black case with the classic Casio digital dial. Surrounding the dial is some colourful writing stating the various functions of the watch. This watch is still available to buy from Casio for the reasonable price of $74.95.

Oris Modern Classic (Ref. 7490)

Fast forward to 2005. This was the year that the film “Constantine” was released. In the movie Keanu is seen wearing an Oris Modern Classic, which is actually now discontinued. The watch featured a black leather strap with a polished stainless steel case, the dial also has an intricate concave design which is what I think stands out most on the watch. Because the watch is discontinued, its extremely hard to come by one making them quite rare.

Rolex Submariner (Ref. 16610)

Featured in the 2006 movie “The Lake House” is the Rolex Submariner. The movie is a romance fantasy about two people who live two years apart (yes I know that sounds confusing), but exchange letters via a post box at a lake house rental.

In the movie Keanu is seen wearing a classic submariner which has a black ceramic dial and a stainless steel bracelet. To buy this exact model on the second-hand market it would set you back around £10,000, but Rolex still produce these and they retail at £8,650.

As mentioned before, Keanu is known for having a heart of gold and this was shown once more when he gifted each person on his stunt team for the new “John Wick 4” movie, a Rolex Submariner. The watches were even engraved with “The John Wick Five / *the recipient’s name* / Thank You / Keanu / JW4 / 2021”. I think I’m gonna look for a job opening on his stunt team haha.

Rolex GMT-Master II Coke (Ref. 16710)

In 2008, Keanu was seen wearing a Rolex GMT in the “coke” colourway. It’s got the nickname Coke GMT because of the half black half red GMT bezel. He was spotted wearing this impressive watch on the set of the “Street Kings” film in 2008, so this is actually a part of his own personal collection.

As mentioned the watch has the half and half bezel accompanied by a stainless steel bracelet. This watch is now discontinued, but if you’re more of a Pepsi fan anyway I have good news as the half red half blue bezel version is still available, which is nicknamed the Pepsi GMT. Secondhand, the Coke GMT sells for 10K – 14K.

Carls F Bucherer Manero AutoDate (Ref. 00.10908.08.13.01)

Last but not least let’s have a look at the watch which has been featured in all of the John Wick films, the Carls F Bucherer Manero AutoDate. The movie’s follow a retired hitman who becomes not so retired. Keanu was seen wearing this lovely watch in all 4 of the movies in the series.

The watch features a silver dial, a stainless steel case, and a black leather strap making it very understated but very attractive. This watch is still available to buy and retails at £2,300.

Keanu, along with the rest of the cast and crew of John Wick 3, was gifted a 50-piece limited edition version of the Carl F. Bucherer Patravi ScubaTec. This watch was produced exclusively for the VIP’s of John Wick 3, so the price of the watch remains unknown. It’s said that Keanu Reeves and director, Chad Stahelski, received a personalised version of the watch.


We hope you enjoyed taking a look at all of the incredibly cool watches worn by the action movie superstar, Keanu Reeves. We can now confidently say his watches are as great as him. Thanks for reading, have a great day :)


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