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Breitling's new Eco packaging

Hi everyone, hope you’re all doing great! In today’s blog we are going to take a look at Breitling’s new eco-friendly packaging. If you haven’t seen already, Breitling have reinvented their polished wood and leather packaging, to take steps towards a more environmentally friendly future.

The new packaging is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles & is a gorgeous navy blue colour with yellow accents. The box can be flat-packed, meaning shipping will be made much easier. This will reduce the average distance the boxes will have to travel by around 30%, thus reducing CO2 emissions from the transport. The box can also be fully recycled.

The much smaller packaging is only made up of 3 parts: the actual box itself, a guide and the pillow. The pillow can be removed and used as a small portable watch holder, which is great for travel.

I think the new package is amazing, however a lot of old-schooler may prefer the original packaging. This is fine as Breitling will still send out the old packaging on request, and to offset the negative impact this will have on the environment, they will request a donation on behalf of the organization Sugi - a charity which helps to restore biodiversity and regenerate ecosystems.

I absolutely love this change as caring for the environment is more important now than ever before, so by making this big switch, I think it’s very brave and innovative from Breitling. Even though it could be argued that the new packaging doesn't have that "luxury" look or feel about it now, I still think it's incredibly attractive and sleek. Their new packaging has won them an Efficient Solution Label from the Solar Impulse Foundation, which is awarded when “a solution is both clean and profitable”.

And that’s really all there is for today. Short and sweet. But what do you think about this change, do you prefer the new or the old packaging?


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